As well as manufacturing traditional wooden boats, canoes, oars & spars, Tavy Wooden Boats will provide a quotation for repair and maintenance work on a wide variety of wooden water craft.  The repair shown below is typical of the work we can undertake.

International 12 Racing Dinghy

The Boat:

In November 2008, Tavy Wooden Boats carried out repairs to a glued plywood clinker International 12 Racing Dinghy. The boat was built 40 years ago by Rowsell of Exmouth, Devon.

The Damage:

The glued marine plywood planking had been damaged during transport. The boat slipped sideways and the road trailer hull support punched up into the bilge, causing two plank lands (laps) to separate over a length of 1.30m.

Repairs Effected:

The opened plank lands (laps) were :

  • Sanded to remove glue residues
  • Sealed with West Systems ( epoxy and then coated with epoxy thickened with cotton fibres and silica
  • Clamped together using temporary screws installed through flexible battens
  • Strengthened with a fillet of thickened epoxy on the outside



  • Hull ready for repair










  • Sanding open lands (laps) between planks (viewed from the inside boat)









  • Plank land glued and clamped with temporary screws through batten
  • Fillet of thickened epoxy applied to underside of plank land