Tammie Norrie Construction

Designer : Ian Oughtred

Summary of Tammie Norrie Construction:

  • Glued clinker plywood yawl, 13ft 6in x 4ft 5.5in beam
  • Built 2008 by John Harris of Tavy Wooden Boats
  • Robbins’ Super Elite marine plywood clinker construction, with laps glued by West System (www.west-system.co.uk) epoxy
  • Stem and keel of iroko
  • Transom, thwarts, floors etc of sapele


  • Station moulds traced from lofting onto 20mm plywood and set up on building box.
  • Laminated keel, stem and transom attached. Rabbet marked out from lofting and cut.
  • Sheer batten fixed and planks lined off (9 planks per side).
  • Photo shows spiling batten in use to determine the shape of the garboard strake.


  • Lands (lap) bevelled or “browed” and gerald (gain) cut adjacent to stem.
  • Land coated with epoxy and next plank glued in place.
  • Screws temporarily fasten hood ends to stem and stern.


  • Planking completed and sealed with 2 coats WRA200 solvent-based epoxy system (www.wessex-resins.com)
  • Rubbing strips, gunwales and inwales fitted and glued


  • Floors fitted and glued
  • Centre board case fitted and glued
  • Thwarts fitted and glued



  • Plywood buoyancy tanks made and fitted
  • Thwarts glued into place



  • Sanding and preparation for finishing
  • Foreground : fore-deck and coaming fitted




  • Internal planking and timbers coated with WRA200 solvent-based epoxy (www.wessex-resins.com)
  • External planking sanded ready for Epifanes marine primer


  • Hull painted with:
    • 2 coats epoxy
    • 2 coats Epifanes High Build Marine Undercoat
    • 3 coats Epifanes Marine topcoat (www.epifanes.com)
  • Deck, transom and exposed hardwood coated with:
    • 2 – 3 coats epoxy sealer
    • 1 coat Epifanes 2-pack polyurethane varnish
    • 5 – 10 coats Epifanes yacht varnish