Cedar-Strip Canoe – “Nymph”

Double-paddle Canoe      Length:  12ft (3.65m)     Beam:  2ft (0.61m)

Designed by:   N. Schade


  • Thin (4mm) strips of western red cedar glued together edge-to-edge over MDF moulds
  • Cedar strips covered inside and out by woven glass fibre cloth and epoxy resin to form a very strong, lightweight composite
  • Hull varnished for UV protection and to bring out the full beauty of the wood

Completed:   May 2009



  • Lofting canoe to produce full-size body plan, profile and half-breadth drawingscanoe-photo-1




  • Moulds traced from lofting and set-up ready for plankingcanoe-photo-3


  • Strip planks glued edge-to-edge
  • Planks temporarily secured by monofiliment fishing line, clamps & tape
  • Mahogany strips from shear to tumblehome; cedar strips below tumblehome
  • Note laminated inner stem, bevelled to accept planks.  Strips of mahogany within tumblehome.
  • Strip planking complete and hull sheathed in woven glass fabris and epoxynew-canoe





  • Many clamps secure the gunwale during glueingnew-canoe-three
  • Completed canoe ready for launch on 30th May 2009img_7716.jpg
  • Backrest carved from irokoimg_7718.jpg
  • Colour contrast between mahogony planks in tumblehome and cedar in hullimg_7719.jpg
  • Variation in colour of cedar planks makes for attractive pattern on deck, contrasting with mahogany coamingimg_7727.jpg
  • Paddle carved from spruce with mahogany insertsimg_7729.jpg
  • Tumbleholme creates additional beam and stabilityimg_7769.jpg
  • Good freeboard and trim with crew weight 168 lb (80kg) and ample built-in buoyancy